Some of our most important projects

  • Electronic system for Ministry of Finance (eHealth)
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  • Interactive web portal for Slovakian Gas Industry (SPP)
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  • Standard tax system for Ministry of Finance (SDS)
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  • Electronic services for Statistic Office of Slovak Republic (ISIS)
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  • SAP ISU BI-IN for Czech Enrgetic Enterprise (CEZ RO)
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  • SAP ISU and SAP ERP modul for Railway Infrastructure Administration (SZDC)
  • SAP ISU for Heater station in Brno (TBR)
  • Utility service for Middle-Slovakian energetics (SSE)
  • Company Information system for Public acquisition Office (UVO)
  • Central Public Administration Portal (modul IAM, modul EFORM) for Goverment Office of the Slovak Republic (UPVS)
  • Central electronic folder for Ministry of Finance (CEP)
  • Control Information System Support for Control Chief Office (NKU KIS Support)
  • SAP Information system for Billing pro United Energy Trading (UET)
  • Electronic services for Nitra regional unit (VUC NR)