In the last decades the quantity of data has risen exponentially and is still rising. Gaining a consolidated overview of all data stored in multiple databases is of essential importance for today’s decision-makers in businesses and organizations.

Our Services

ANEXT professionals combine Data Integration and Business Intelligence expertise to deliver flexible and expandable holistic solutions that are perfectly tailored to your organization’s needs. Our solutions aggregate and consolidate your organization’s dispersed storage assets to a single storage system that reliably delivers the right information at the right time.

ETL Tools (Extract – Transfer – Load)

With ETL Tools we can provide datamart implementations that ensure reliable and efficient data integration from numerous data sources, enabling developers and administrators in your IT departments to manage your company’s IT systems more effectively.

Metadata Consolidation (via Business Intelligence Modeler Tools)

Business intelligence modeler tools enable swift and flexible data integration and consolidation without the need of additional datamarts. This is especially beneficial for businesses and organizations with dispersed and disparate data sources, ensuring optimal and reliable communication, transformation and federation of metadata. Our solutions will not only help you to reduce the size your company’s databases, but will also lower your expenditures for infrastructure, administration and human resources.