Today’s dynamic business climate demands flexibility and adaptability from companies. IT Outsourcing is the most cost-effective way for businesses and organizations to hire qualified individuals for specific IT services and projects without having to commit to the significant costs of maintaining or extending their in-house IT team.

ANEXT offers reliable, cost-efficient and flexible nearshore outsourcing services in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. Here is a quick overview of reasons why our comprehensive outsourcing services guarantee a maximum return on your investments and customer satisfaction:

  • Focus on core business
  • Reduce capital expenditures on new IT infrastructure and human resources
  • Maintain necessary flexibility and reactivity to respond to rapid market changes
  • Gain access to best-in-class IT expertise, experiences and resources
  • Consistent high quality, cost and time efficiency of our services
  • Flexible and agile mix of remote and onsite services
  • Cultural proximity
  • Nearshore locations in Bratislava, Prague and Vienna

Our flexible outsourcing models, whether leveraged as fully managed, project or on-demand services, are individually customizable to your company’s specific needs:

Project Outsourcing

We offer full or partial project outsourcing and support services. Working within EU procurement regulations and policies, our IT professionals and consultants will lead, implement and/or support you in all stages of the project’s lifecycle.

Software Development Outsourcing

Our Software Development Outsourcing services extend the resources and expertise of your in-house IT department, providing your business with a significant cost and time to market advantage.

On-demand IT Outsourcing

We provide flexible, on-demand reinforcements for your organization: we can seamlessly assume your entire IT functions, or step in to support your IT team onsite or nearshore as needed.