Over the course of the past few decades, businesses and organizations have continuously invested in new technology to remain competitive, establishing a complex network of systems, applications and databases of different generations and architecture.

Our Services

ANEXT helps your entity to harness and extend the capabilities of existing business applications and legacy information systems.

Enterprise Application Integration

Our inspired team leverages a deep knowledge of leading technologies, methodologies and industry best practices. We offer vendor independent, efficient and reliable application integrations of best-suited and best-in-class enterprise solutions of leading technology vendors such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.

B2B, B2C and B2E Application Integration

Our comprehensive B2B, B2C and B2E integration services provide tangible business value, allowing your customers, suppliers, distributors, employees and partners to more efficiently communicate, collaborate and exchange data.

Business Process Integration

Our BPI team enhances the flow and retrieval of information and data from different technologies and optimizes existing business processes both within your organization as well as across customer, partner, distribution and supply chain channels.

Web Portal Integration

We implement and integrate B2B, B2C and B2E web portals for various industries and the public sector. Our integration services include design, development, implementation, quality assurance, performance optimization, along with maintenance and support.

Legacy System Integration

Legacy information systems do not only represent a significant amount of expenditures but very often a significant competitive value for organizations. We offer comprehensive, cost-effective and flexible solutions for integrating new leading edge technology with your legacy information system without disrupting existing business processes.